Birstall BAGS prepares for the Live Band Night, Birstall Social Club January 2009

Birstall BAGS host and attend a number of events throughout the year (when there isn’t a pandemic!).

Head to our ‘Upcoming events’ page to join us.

We also fund:

A regular ‘Time-out’ group, a drop-in complementary therapy group for anyone affected by cancer (patients and their families) in Birstall and Wanlip. The sessions provide an informal environment to access support and speak with qualified therapists.

The Mayflower Group is for people affected by cancer who wish to learn coping techniques to relax the mind and share worries with others in a similar situation. Led by a complementary therapist and counsellor.

The Bereavement Support group is led by LOROS bereavement volunteers and is for those who have been bereaved as a result of a terminal illness. It’s a chance to talk to others for support and understanding.

The Prostaid Group is a support group for men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

The Bladder Cancer Support Groups is  a group of men and women of all ages and nationalities that have all at different stages had to deal with bladder cancer.