Thinking of fundraising? Here you will find some of the ways you can get involved to help raise funds and additional support for Birstall Bags. If you have ideas of your own – perfect! We would love to hear about these and help you spread the word to our fans and supporters.

We want to hear from everyone who decides to help us, please email [email protected] with details of what you are planning, any website links you have for your fundraising activities and photos.


Why not organise a bake off or cake sale? … or even a yard sale. Get your friends and family involved!


Why not set yourself a challenge? From walking to work everyday to running a marathon. If a physical challenge is not your cup of tea, then get creative and take on something like a knitting challenge.











Host your own event, concert or a party, where friends, family and supporters can come along. Selling tickets in advance can help you raise funds too!










Organise a friendly football match or another team game, where you ask players and supporters to give you a fee to play and watch the match. It could be a one-off game or a regular match.