New ‘dignity’ gowns for Glenfield Hospital’s Breast Care Centre

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Supporters of local cancer charity, Birstall BAGs, have raised funds for 100 new examination gowns for patients at the Glenfield Hospital Breast Care Centre.

The £1,900 donation from Birstall BAGs funded the purchase of the gowns – known as ‘dignity gowns’ – which the team have been using for a few weeks.

Serina Korol, Service Manager of the Breast Care Centre said: “We are truly grateful for the generous donation from Birstall BAGs. These gowns enable us to improve our patients’ privacy and dignity during what is an extremely anxious time for them.”

Jean Smith, Radiology Assistant and past patient of the Centre added: “These lovely new gowns cover you better, are a nice colour and quality and being longer, make them more feminine.  We also think the Birstall BAG’s logo is lovely! Thank you so much.”

Emma Shaw from Birstall BAGs commented: “We’re delighted to be able to fund these new dignity gowns – it’s a small thing which can make a big difference to patients’ experience. We’d like to thank our supporters for their fundraising and supporting us at our events – it’s their generosity that has made this donation possible.”