BAGs funds new chairs for Leicester Royal Infirmary

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This may look like just a chair but it’s going to make a big difference to patients on the Osborne Ward at the Leicester Royal Infirmary. Thanks to our supporters, Birstall BAGs was able to donate £3,511 to buy four of these recliner chairs for patients having their procedures. The ward only had four beds so the chairs mean more patients can be treated and made comfortable.

The chairs will be used by a range of patients including cancer patients, thalassaemia and sickle cell patients who come for red cell exchanges. The ward also treats many elderly patients who require frequent blood transfusions and often have to sit for many hours.

Hannah Tiltman, Ward Sister commented: “As a day unit we only have four beds which are often used for procedures. The recliners will help bridge that gap between a chair and a bed. Our patients can be elderly and often have to be with us all of the day – thanks so much Birstall BAGs.”