Birstall BAGS Live Band Night, Birstall Social Club February 2009

Birstall BAGS, is a charity committed to supporting the local community in Birstall and surrounding areas through cancer awareness initiatives and the funding of equipment and services for the benefit of people living in the community with cancer.

Since launching in 1998, Birstall BAGS have engaged the local community in events, challenges and have successfully funded equipment, refurbishment and patient support groups within the region.  The charity would love to hear from anyone who could support the work, events or the people who are working hard to gather funds.

To find out more or to get involved please email us at [email protected]


Liz, Clare, Emma, Jo and Helen presenting Birstall BAGS' first cheque donation to Mike Turner, Chairman of Charities at Glenfield Hospital. He was chairman of an appeal to build a breast care centre at Glenfield Hospital and helped to raise £1.4million for its opening in 2001.
Liz, Clare, Emma, Jo and Helen in the year 2000 – presenting Birstall BAGS’ first cheque donation to Mike Turner, Chairman of Charities at Glenfield Hospital.

Clare Wells, founder of Birstall BAGS, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1998. Her determination to encourage all women to be vigilant, to self examine and access medical care as soon as possible inspired the formation of BAGS, a local fundraising social group. The group registered as a charity in 2015.

Clare’s cancer recurred and sadly she died in 2003 but her close friends Rachael Boyall, Helen Carnan, Liz Darlison, Lesley Merry, Jo Preston and Emma Shaw, have carried on with her vision and to date over £60,000 has been donated to local cancer services.

Since September 2010 the Birstall BAGS has funde a ‘Time Out’ group – a drop-in complementary therapy group held the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month 1.30-4.30 at the Wanlip Church and Community Centre next to Wanlip Parish Church, Wanlip, Leicester, LE7 4PJ.

Currently, the group hold a variety of annual events to bring the community together to have a bit of fun and raise funds. Increasingly local businesses, sports groups and individual members of our community have chosen to support Birstall BAGS with their own fundraising activities.

The generosity of the local community and BAGS supporters never ceases to astound us and we cannot thank you all enough.